I'm sorry


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Wales- English
To all who can help, I need some translations really quick, I'm sure you will understand from the phrases. I appreciate any help thank you.

1.I'm sorry
2.I didn't mean to upset you
3.I believe you
4.Please forgive me
5.Sometimes I get a little jealous
6.It wasn't something you did
7.Are we ok?

Any help is very much appreciated.
  • Trisia

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    All right. But if she can speak English well, you might make a better impression by just being yourself.

    1. Îmi pare rău.
    2. Nu am vrut să te supăr.
    3. Te cred.
    4. Te rog să mă ierţi.
    5. Câteodată devin puţin gelos.
    6. Nu ai făcut nimic aiurea.
    7. E totul în regulă între noi?

    Girls are impressed by small things and an effort to learn their language, but that's because it shows you care enough to go the extra mile. It's probably better to discuss a misunderstanding in your own language, so you can be certain you're not saying something you don't mean.


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    Wales- English
    I will take your advice as her English is pretty good. Thank you Trisia, hopefully she will understand and not be to upset with me(she's pretty upset at the moment).
    Thank you again.