I'm super absent-minded

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English nerd

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I am usually oblivious of the things around me, I'm too forgetful,in a nutshell I'm absent-minded.
So can I use:
I'm super absent-minded.

Is the use of "super" natural?
Thank you:)
  • Barque

    It's possible but "super" is more likely to be used with positive attributes. He's super-efficient. She's super-quick.


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    English - England
    I would understand perfectly if you used 'super'.

    I imagine you don't want to be formal when saying this.

    I am seriously absent-minded.
    I am hopelessly absent-minded.
    I am pathologically absent-minded.
    I am totally absent-minded.

    or American English only - I am majorly absent-minded. (but check this with AE speakers)
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