I'm supposed to insist that I ran into a door

Stephen Schmidt

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Hi everyone,

What is mean by this sentence?
From Looking for Alaska:
"Okay," I said, although I wondered: If someone punches me in the face, I'm supposed to insist that I ran into a door? It seemed a little stupid. How do you deal with bullies and a#$holes if you can't get them into trouble?
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    To explain the bruises on my face that I got as a result of someone punching me, I have to tell people I ran into a door.

    Sadly, people who are bullied, or beaten in a bad relationship, will often make similar excuses for their injuries, like 'I fell down the stairs', or I walked into a wall'.


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    I'm guessing this must follow the previous passage you quoted about not ratting out rich people. If this speaker is not allowed to tattle when he is beaten up, he'll have to come up with some other excuse, such as having run into a door.

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