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Hello there!

I am just curious what the meaning of "I ain't tripping" is. I know the meaning of "trip" but I guess this phrase doesn't have to do with travelling or so. Maybe it´s an idiom! I just would like to know because I heard in a song someone said something like "I ain't tripping, I am just missing you"

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    Hey amigo,

    "I'm tripping" es un termino utilizado por la gente que consume drogas o fuma marihuana, y hace referencia a que esta persona esta sumergido en un viaje de placer.



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    I know this thread is a little old, but I need to correct something. The original poster asked about "tripping" in the context of "I ain't tripping." This is clearly ghetto/gangsta talk that does derive, yes, from drug trips, but it has become street slang for "being really annoyed or upset."

    "I came home at 2 a.m. and my old lady was trippin,' " means she was really annoyed that he stayed out so late.

    My manager be tripping


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    the answer to this is: No estoy sacado de onda, solo te extraño. I ain't tripping, I am just missing you. I hope this helps you. No se refiere a las drogas.