I'm weirdo . . !


hi, guys, how u all doing ? i hope u are very well Hi, guys, how are you all doing? I hope you are very well. today while I was reading (The sun magazine ) I found this sentence . . . . But I didn't get the sentence very well .

the sentence is . . .
(I wish i was special, but I'm a creep , I'm weirdo )
I need to understand the two words (creep and weirdo ) it would be awesome if u give me more exams you gave me more examples . . . Are they spoken words or are there other spoken words instead ?
thanks in advanced .. ..

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  • Thomas Tompion

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    A wierdo is a strange person, usually someone who is very unusual in some way.

    A creep is a term for someone you dislike, often someone with falsely ingratiating ways.

    Both nouns are opprobrious.


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    And as TT says, both are nouns....

    "I'm weirdo" is exceedingly strange to me - I would expect "I'm a weirdo".

    PS. Please don't use "u" for "you" here: we don't use text-speak in the forums:).


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    Although the above is correct, I'm guessing the writer just tacked the 'o' onto weird for some sort of effect.

    <<Not needed. >>

    The point is that some learners have been told that "how are you doing?" is they way we always greet people, even in forums such as this. As you can see from other posts here, we don't.
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    As arja probably knows but neglected to tell us, these words belong to the lyrics of the song "Creep" by Radiohead. It is in fact "I'm a weirdo".


    oh , thanks alot , guys , it's a big help , now I learned the two words and my mistakes as well , thanks

    sometimes I'm really terrible in English !
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