image installed on the throne


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Hi there,

Buddhist text on a goddess, translated into English.
I wonder if you find my wording acceptable:

In 1270 Kubilai khan, taking the advice of Pagba lama, had the image of the White Umbrella Deity installed on his throne in his palace called the Da Ming Tian.

What particularly concerns me is the verb "install". Do you think it sounds natural in the sentence or shall I use another word?
Thanks a lot!
  • Uncle Bob

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    It isn't "installed" - a person is installed on a throne (when he/she becomes/is made king/queen or whatever).
    It would be "carved" or, perhaps, "painted"


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    Hi ewie and Uncle Bob

    My problem is that the text does not mention the method. It simply says "put on" or something like this. Do you think I should try to find out if it was painted etc. and use a more definite word?


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    I had assumed, perhaps wrongly, that it was a statue and not just a picture.

    I think that you can place an image (illlustration) on something, but it may depend on the context. For example, you could put/place an image of a cow on a carton of milk! On a throne it may be different.