image orientated socially enabled shopping sites


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"One only has to look at the subsequent explosion of image orientated socially enabled shopping sites such as ShopCade, Fancy andGlimpse (from The Find) to see that e-commerce vendors are betting on being able to cash-in on a more visually orientated online shopping experience."

I don't quite understand this line: ...orientated socially enabled shopping sites...
Could you tell me what does it mean?

The source: Superfish Debuts ShapeRank for Visual Search; Near Matches More Exciting Than Exact
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    You need to read the whole article to understand what is being said, but your query can be broken down into :
    1 image orientated - based on images rather than words.
    2 socially enabled - that makes use of social media ?


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    It's not very well punctuated. This might help a little: "One only has to look at the subsequent explosion of image-orientated, socially enabled sites such as ..."

    So these sites are oriented toward images rather than text. And they're socially enabled, so they're closely integrated with social media: Instagram and Pinterest are the suggestions in the first line of that article -- and those two sites are very image-oriented (I'm not crazy about orientated, preferring oriented -- but that's personal preference).

    It's all about visual searching rather than text searching, and that is described later on:
    The simplest way to explain the difference in output is that visual search should be able to identify dogs and then sort them by breed, based on one picture of a dog, whereas image search would require the breed of 'dog' to be named as part of the keyword query.


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    There is a growing trend of websites allowing users to login with their facebook/Google accounts, thus saving the hassles of creating new accounts on these sites. Is that what "socially enabled" is?


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    Like Facebook and google the trend of fashion will increase day by day. thats the social enable is...,
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