...image should portray/depict/illustrate the rivalry between


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The cover image of the book should portray/depict/illustrate/convey the rivalry between Russia and the US.

Which verb is the most natural/common in English to say that the image should visually convey particular meaning?
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    Hi - I think you "could" use any one of them.

    However I think that portray is best kept to smaller / single things in the way that a portrait is a picture of a single person or family, whereas the rivalry between Russia and the USof A is a bit big to depict in a single entity.

    "depitct" - again,this has a little bit of a precise feel to it. However, it can be used in a broader sense to mean "represent" which opens up wider meanings.

    "illustrate" probably the weakest choice.

    I would prefer "convey" since the topic is so big your image must select and area to work on or be suggestive rather than precise in its effect.
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