image you see when you look at the sun

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  1. Egoexpress

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    Hey there,

    How would you describe the image you see when you look into the sun or you look at dazzling light or when you feel dizzy and you're about to faint.

  2. rmawhorter Member

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    I don't think that I would use the same word for both situations. In the second situation I would probably say that I was dazed. I'm not sure about the first situation.
  3. bibliolept

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    I've heard "see spots in front of your eyes."

    If you press your fists against your eyes and see lights, those are referred to as phosphenes. (You can find out more if you research Entoptics.)
  4. hotpocket

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    When you're about the faint you see stars. Besides being temporarily blinded, I don't know what you would say for the first two cases...a huge glare??? Mmmm...dunno. Sorry.
  5. 89ten Member

    I’d say you could say reeling, like becoming dumbfounded by looking straight into the sun; you are slowly becoming light headed and sort of reeling off to coma.
  6. GreenWhiteBlue

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    If one looks at the sun directly, one will usually see nothing, but will be blinded instead.
  7. ewie

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    A wee bit more on phosphenes here, Ego.
    Like RMA, I would use different words for different situations:
    staring into the sun or a dazzling light: I was dazzled (or as GWB rightly points out) I was blinded
    just about to faint: I saw stars
  8. Egoexpress

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    Thank you!

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