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I have just come across this phrase:

"Entro de imaginaria a la una"

in the context of a military school. Since none of the translations provided on WR or my other bilingual dictionary were sufficient, I checked my monolingual dictionary. It says this:

"Guardia o vigilancia que varios soldados realizan por turnos en el lugar donde duermen sus compañeros"

I thought I would add this post so that other people can learn about this other meaning, and also as I can't think what the word is in English. Is it "sentry duty"?

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    Yes, I think that sentry duty along with guard duty fit the context, although you have to specify that it's a night watch/vigil, e.g.

    "he was on guard that night"


    I think that barracks night-time orderly refers to a soldier that is on guard and not the imaginaria or guard duty itself.