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Good morning to all.
I've been using wordreference for a long time, but this is the first time I start a thread.
I have a music band, and I am currently correcting the lyrics the former singer wrote (as they have unforgivable errors, hehe), and I am hesitating about this: (a fragment of the song)

"I imagine from time to time
about the future of my life..."

Is this correct? Can you say "Imagine about"? or would it be better "think about the future of my life?"

Thanks in advance.
  • ¡Hola, Evolution Time!

    In order to say "imagine about the future", you need a direct object: for instance, you could ask "What do you imagine about the future?" or just say "The things you imagine about the future will happen." There doesn't seem to be a direct object in these lyrics, except for "the future" (which doesn't require a preposition), so I would say:

    "I imagine from time to time
    the future of my life..."

    Just my opinion :).