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I am reading "The Good and Faithful Servant" by Joe Orton. I was wandering what does Buchanan mean by saying that:

I was in charge of the Main Entrance. I saw the Chairman of the Board several times. I've even opened the door to him once.
My immediate Superior was off with' flu.

I appreciate your help.
  • Egmont

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    Your immediate superior is the person who is directly in charge of your work.

    In this case, I suspect - I haven't read the book, so I'm not certain - that Buchanan's immediate supervisor usually had the important job of opening the door for the chairman of the board, but since that person was ill, Buchanan opened the door for him once.


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    In a multi-level hierarchy, your immediate superior is the person exactly one step above you. People at other levels above you are just your superiors.

    In many hierarchies there is a formal chain-of-command, and it may be forbidden to communicate with anyone other than your equals, your immediate superior, and your immediate subordinates, except in extraordinary (and well-specified) circumstances. Corporations do not usually have such a rigid structure, but the one described in this book sounds as though it might.
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