impartial witness

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‘He was on the working party with Rhona Laing and Evie, but not a suspect in any way that I can see. An impartial witness. And I’d like to see the site for the tidal-energy project. He could talk me through it, couldn’t he? All the technical stuff?’
Source: Dead Water by Ann Cleeves
Context: An investigation of two murders is ongoing. DI Willow is suggesting that the harbour master is an impartial witness.

What does impartial witness mean in a legal murder investigation? objective and unbiased?

impartial: not supporting one person or group more than another

Thank you.
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    Impartial witness, in any context, means a witness who is impartial: not biased (in this case, by any close connection with the suspects, the victim, or the crime); independent; with no personal interest in the outcome.
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