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    Bueno días foreros y feliz dia de la Constitución (para los residentes en España)
    Nosotros los traductores no paramos nunca.....
    La frase de un escrito de calificación fiscal dice: "...precisando para su sanidad 154 dias de los cuales 5 han sido impeditivos......"

    Mi intento:- "....needing 154 days to heal, 5 of which were disabling???/5 of which she was on sick leave??
    No sé, no me suena bien.

    ¿Qué os parece?
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    "Día impeditivo" is a term used in Spanish tort law when someone seeks damages for a car accident. It refers to those days of sick leave in which the injured person cannot really work in his or her job (as assessed by an expert).

    Quizá algo así como "days of disability to work". Solo es una primera idea.
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    I like "...5 of which she was on sick leave..." which would let the reader know she had doctor's orders not to return to work for those 5 days.
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    "...precisando para su sanidad 154 dias de los cuales 5 han sido impeditivos......"

    whose recovery required 154 days, during five of which she was certified unable to perform the duties of her employment
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    Thank you guys for your prompt reply.
    As I've got a description of facts and two charge sheets I'll be able to use both your suggestions.
    David, are you sure about the "during"? In my mind it sounds better without it.
    Anyway, grateful as always...

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