impenetrable windows

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Jeff Jacobs

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In a cell, Goblin meets Mulch listening to human classic music:

Goblin: What are you looking at, dwarf?
Mulch: Your eyes. Just wondering what thoughts lie behind those two impenetrable windows.

Why did Mulch compare Goblin eyes to impenetrable windows?
My thoughts: Because like the impenetrable windows, his mind is impenetrable. It means that it is difficult to tell what he is thinking; he is not openly expressive in his emotions.
Source: Artemis Fowl 2020
  • lingobingo

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    It reads like a bit of a mixed metaphor to me. When eyes are referred to as windows, it’s usually on the basis of the age-old idea that “the eyes are the window of the soul” (meaning that they reveal your character). But impenetrable implies that someone’s eyes do not reveal anything about the person.


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    Windows are made of glass. As long as there is light on the other side, you can see through windows.

    Here "impenetrable", which usually means "cannot go through", means "cannot see through".

    That is the metaphor -- all eyes are like windows, but these eyes are like window you cannot see through.
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