Impervious body

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Hello everyone,

I'm looking for a word or phrase to say that someone has some kind of strong protection (protection which is often attributed to spirits, guardian angels, etc). My question: Does "impervious" sound natural/correct in the example that I created below?

John has an impervious soul: He escaped three accidents, and I recently heard he left a store ten minutes before it was robbed and burned.

Thank you in advance!
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    Aren't souls thought of as immortal? If so, assigning them an adjective that suggests they escaped perishing seems odd.


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    I've never heard of those. They sound like World of Warcraft or similar terms.

    It helps to provide a bigger context, Xavier, in order to figure out what works. Unfortunately, as you know, the members here are not allowed to deal with lists of words, etc. (Just trying to help.)
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    I'm sorry, Xavier, "John has a closed body" is mysterious to me: I have no idea what it might mean.

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