impervious surfaces

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"Impervious surfaces negatively impact the environment because they contaminate source water".
Is it ok saying: "superfici impermeabili impattano negativamente l’ambiente perché inquinano le sorgenti acquifere".
My query is mainly the meaning of "impervious surfaces".
Please help !!!!

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  • cheakamus

    "Impervious surfaces" simply means surfaces through which water (or some other liquid) cannot pass. The water must therefore "run off" until it finds either a drain or a "permeable" piece of ground. Building codes in the United States quite commonly restrict the amount of impervious surfaces (buildings, driveway, sidewalks) that can be built on a piece of property—to avoid having all the water that falls on the property run off onto a neighbor's land. The impervious surface itself does not necessarily pollute the groundwater, but water running off an impervious surface (particularly an asphalt roadway, with its build-up of automobile oil residue) can pollute the groundwater unless it is funneled off into a drain and sent to wastewater treatment.
    Hope this helps (it's probably more than you wanted to know!)


    Yes, I believe "superfici impermeabili" is correct here. The problem is with the English. "Impervious" should really be "impermeable," "source water" should be "ground water" (here, the Italian "sorgenti acquifere" sounds correct), and the assertion that "impervious surfaces negatively impact the environment" is questionable. It's the run-off (of rainwater) from impermeable surfaces that can negatively affect the ground water.
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