Implies (the) letters: ee, ea, ...

I'm hard trying to figure out the usage of the zero article now, and as I've understood it, we are strictly forbidden to use "the" when there's a figure AFTER(not before) our noun, but we have to use the definite article if we say the object and then its name, for example, "I want to show you (the) game(subject) Bloom Defender now(its name)".
So I cannot understand whether we have to use the article in my sentence or not, or perhaps it's optional?
I've got this sentence since I'm learning the English phonetics now as well.
• This rule implies (the) letters: ee, ea, ...
And if it's explainable, would you mind telling me the rule or sending me the link to an article about it?
Thanks 😊 🦣
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    If you want to base your question on some grammar advice you’ve seen, please give the source and quote the exact advice. If you’re asking about article use in a sentence you’re creating, please give the entire sentence and also what you want it to mean (using different words).