important link between crown and academe


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Relatively neglected in comparison to the public theatres of the age, academic drama also constituted an important link between crown and academe, with Elizabeth both receiving plays at court and commissioning their performance as royal entertainment during state visits to the universities. See also school drama.
Source: Dictionary of English Literary terms by J. A. Cuddon

Would you please be kind enough to tell me to which meaning the blue word refers to?
crown /kraʊn/ n. [countable]
  1. an ornament worn on the head, esp. a circular piece of gold set with gems and worn by a monarch as a symbol of power.
  2. [singular;
    the + ~;
    often: Crown] the power or rule of a sovereign:a representative of the Crown.
  3. an ornamental wreath or circlet for the head, given as an award or a mark of victory or distinction:a crown of laurel leaves.
  4. a championship title:He won the batting crown for two years in a row.
  5. the top or highest part of anything, such as of a hat or the head:a little bald spot on the crown of his head.
    • the part of a tooth covered by enamel.
    • an artificial substitute, as of gold or porcelain, for the crown of a tooth.
  6. a former British silver coin, equal to five shillings.
  7. any of various monetary units or coins with a name meaning "crown,'' as the koruna, króna, or krone:Seven Norwegian crowns used to equal one American dollar.
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