importe prorrateado


Field and topic:
Whole sentence: Importe prorrateado sin IVA
Textual context: Software product for use in management of shops and sales
outlets (in this case: clothes shop).
My suggestions so far: Prorated amount VAT excl. / Apportioned amount VAT
Other suggestions, please?

Sample sentence:
importe prorrateado sin IVA

  • I would stay with pro rated (not sure about the spelling of that we say pro rata but pro ratad looks wrong and pro rated doesn't look much better). My understanding of apportioned would be a division between different budget headings.

    Let me give you an example - my office is shared by two organisations. When utilities bills come in, they are paid and the amount split between or apportioned to the two organisations. Does that make it any clearer?
    Pro rated. I have used pro rated since 8:30 this morning. I'll continue with that. Yes, thanks cirrus, an apportioned amount must come from the word "portion," that an entity of some kind (in this case economical) is divided up into smaller parts or portions. Thanks for your comment.