impossible to attain


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India-Local dialect
Becoming a multimillionaire at this advanced age is very difficult and not possible at all.

I want a ripping idiomatic expression for the above sentence. Please help.
  • JamesM

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    The sentence is self-contradictory. Either it is very difficult or it is impossible. It can't be both at the same time.

    In American English a common expression to set up such a communication would be "I have about as much chance of becoming a millionaire at my age as I do "______________". The blank can be filled in with any unlikely event for a person of advanced age:

    - Winning the Olympic Marathon
    - Getting "carded" at a bar for being underage
    - Winning the "American Teen Idol" competition
    - Having Brad Pitt's love child

    The idea is to get a laugh out of the hypothetical circumstance (not that I have any talent for this, so pardon the examples.)
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