Improve her <presentation?> of the discussions


Mary needs to improve her ………….. of the discussions; she has no other weak points.
a. attention
b. instruction
c. confidence
d. presentation

I choose option "d".
  • Cagey

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    I agree with your choice. The other words usually take different prepositions: attention to / instruction in/ confidence in:

    Mary needs to improve her presentation of (the) discussions; she has no other weak points.​

    However, the sentence seems odd to me. I wouldn't usually talk about presenting discussions, and I would probably omit 'the', because this seems to be a general statement and not a reference to specific discussions.

    Where did you see this sentence?


    Hi Cagey. thanks a lot for your response. so option "d" would be the best one. the sentence comes from a pamphlet containing variety of tests in various fields but without no guide or answer key. I'm checking the tests to improve my English because i'm not a native speaker.
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