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Hi everibody, I'm Italian and with my friends we are lauching a software for hotels. About slogan we are talking about this one "name software..the tourism improver"it means that it will help hotel customer and hotel staff in many services and avoid waste time and give a new service.
Do you like it?does it make sense in english?many thanks for ideas.
  • bibliolept

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    AE, Español
    It's not a common phrasing, which is not necessarily a bad thing. I'm afraid it isn't very descriptive, on the other hand. Nor does it strike me as particularly exciting.

    One suggestion: "... the tourism solution," although I'm afraid that solution is almost too much of a cliché.

    Another comment: If this software is focused exclusively on hotels, it might be more accurate to refer to "hospitality" rather than tourism.


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    England - English
    As bibliolept says, it does make sense, but isn't common, and is also not very exciting. English is full of much more interesting synonyms for improver: enhancer, augmenter, booster, developer…
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