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I'm Bryan, an editor and author with ScholarRx, the people responsible for the First Aid for the USMLE (a review book for medical students), among other things. We're currently working on a medical curriculum, and we want to write the "modules" in a way that is conversational, ie prose. I have previous experience writing and editing scientific manuscripts. Still, I will occasionally wonder "Am I writing this correctly?" I'm hoping I can improve the quality of my writing by getting some feedback on these forums!

Here are just a few examples and questions to get started:

"What is Alzheimer disease, and what causes it?" This is a colloquial way of speaking, which is OK for our project. Is there a correct grammar for this kind of two-part question?

"(There is accumulation of) a protein fragment called beta-amyloid."—Do I need a comma after "protein fragment"? Or would I ever need a comma after this kind of phrase? What if I wrote something like, "One protein in particular, beta-amyloid, is ..." Is this a correct use of commas? What if I wrote "One protein in particular, called beta-amyloid, is ..." Would it need commas in this case?
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