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BBC뉴스에서 'US-China trade war in 300 words
란 문장을 보았는데 뜻이 미·중 무역전쟁 300단어는 아닌 것 같아서요. 무슨 의미인지 알 수 있을까요?
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    Hello Greta11,
    The article in question summarizes the context of US-China trade war in 300 words (approximately 300 words or no more than 300 words). It is suggesting that the article will be rather brief and concise in explaining what, why or how of the ongoing trade war. "300자안에 알아보는 미-중 무역전쟁" or "300자 안에 설명하는 미-중 무역전쟁" would be close equivalents in Korean. Hope this helps!