in a blur of movement

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From the British novel "Follow You Home" by Mark Edwards.


Situation: The Paramedics carry the patient to the ambulance but were stopped by the police who want to talk to.

"The paramedic said they want to get him to hospital, and in a blur of movement they lifted the stretcher into the back of the ambulance."


In a blur of movement = while all around in a state of confused/mess/stunned, not knowing how to do properly?,


= The paramedics take it with a blur action?

And what's different if it's changed to "In a movement of blur"?
  • dojibear

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    A "blur of movement" is a movement so rapid that anyone watching cannot see the details - all they can see is a "blur".

    In this case it is an exaggeration. Only the fictional comic characters Superman and The Flash can actually move that fast.

    It says nothing about the mental state of people around them.

    The phrase "a movement of blur" has no meaning.
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