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Blue Apple

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Does "replicating his image in a double move" in the text below imply "replicating his image in the form of a double (artist's double)" or "replicating his image in two simultaneous media: wax sculpture and photograph"? In fact, does "double" here refer to the dual act of representation in this artwork through photography and wax sculpting or to the concept of creating a double for the artist?

Ray’s playfulness is tongue-in-cheek, his self-portrait, No, 1992, posing questions about the representation of identity, the work being a photograph of a wax model of the artist, thereby replicating his image in a double move that triggers the ‘intellectual uncertainty’ mentioned by Jentsch. Oh Charlie Charlie Charlie, 1992, features a group of mannequin doubles of the artist displayed in sexually compromised positions whose interlocked exchange of bodily surfaces echoes the ubiquity of contemporary technologies of simulation (Art and Psychoanalysis by Maria Walsh).
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    I think it refers to his self-portrait being an image of an image of himself, rather than the usual practice of a self-portrait being a straightforward image of the artist. I can easily see the writer wanting to say that this is a double something. I cannot think of any obvious word to use for the "something"; the writer thought of "move", and while this might sound a little odd (and would not make sense without the longer description of what the artist did), I suppose "move" is as good a word as any.

    I don't think "double" has the meaning of identical duplicate here, as that would not fit with "move". Also note that the work he calls No is only the photograph. Although the artist used the wax model to make the self-portrait, the physical wax model is not part of No.


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    The photograph is at two removes from the original (the artist).

    1 the artist himself
    2 the wax model
    3 the photo
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