in a funny sort of way

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I'm pleased I didn't get that job, in a funny sort of way.
(from Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary)

About 'in a funny sort of way':
The dictionary explains 'funny' as 'difficult to explain or understand'.
Is the phrase about 'I'm pleased' or 'I didn't get that job'?
I suppose it is about the latter.
Does the phrase mean 'in a way I’m not satisfied with the way I didn't get that job'?

Thank you
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    It means that, in a strange (funny) way, the speaker sees some advantage in not getting the job. For example, it might not be a job that the person truly wanted, or the pay might be low, so things might work out better in the long run by applying for more jobs.


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    One meaning of funny (definition 2 in the WRF dictionary) is "peculiar, odd." That is the meaning here. In a peculiar or odd way, the speaker is pleased that he or she didn't get that job.

    Normally, someone who asks or applies for a job wants it, and would be disappointed not to get it. In this case, the speaker was pleased not to get it. That is peculiar.