in a neat curl

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Properly set, the tined bar will force up bottom mud or sand in a neat curl like snow in front of a road plough. In the curl are the rudely awakened crabs.

Beautiful Swimmers: Watermen, Crabs and the Chesapeake Bay by William W. Warner

The writer is talking about crab dredging.

How can I interpret “in a neat curl”? I watched a video of crab dredging. I saw these sand rose in no particular shape.
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    You need to look at show 'curling' away from the front of a snowplough.

    This author has seen mud or sand curl up in the same way on the seabed – even if you can't find a picture of it happening.


    It means the sand is forced up in a curved shape, due to the shape of the bar. It's similar with snow ploughs.

    You've probably seen an icecream scoop being used. Noticed how the icecream comes up in a curved shape when you dig the scoop into it? That's the "curl" that line refers to.


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    Imagine something like this (sort of). The mud probably doesn't go as high as that.

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