in a non-Christian key

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    "They are both essentially theologians in a non-Christian key. They have not yet begun to take the secularist, naturalist, scientific view of religion that, as I indicated in the first lecture, forms the substance of the discipline of religious studies. They were still doing religious thinking, trying to put forward a more universal theology that would meet the needs of an age of constant warfare."

    What does "key" mean here? Or perhaps I misheard the speaker. He might have said "keep" instead. Or maybe it was pronounced "key" but spelled in a different way.
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    It's definition number seven in the Word Reference dictionary: "mood or characteristic style, as of expression or thought."

    edit: I misread "non-Christian key" as "Christian key." The sense is thus, they wrote about Christian ideas with a non-Christian style.
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    Merriam-Webster defines it as "characteristic style or tone".

    Definition of KEY

    See definition 6a.

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