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Hi there, I´ve came across this odd expression (at least for me) and I can´t seem to understand it:

You know, dad installs a new game for little Jimmy, but it goes wrong and Jimmy gets upset; then Dad´s straight on to us in a ripe old state blaming us for supossedly spoiling his son's birthday...

I´ve just found "in a ripe old age", but I don´t think it fits in this context. PLease, help!! How can I translate that expression? Thank you so much =)
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    It means that the father was very upset. "state" has a special meaning of "a condition of uneasiness or distress". "ripe" is kind of an intensifier and "old" has little meaning of its own. As you suspect this expression probably draws on the more common "ripe old age".


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    Estaba que echaba humo/chispas.

    I agree with the previous. "Dad was in a state" significaría lo mismo. Los adjetivos "ripe old" simplemente dan gracia a la frase.
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    I have always understood the phrase as being 'in a right old state' :confused:
    I always use right old with any other noun.
    True, but Bertram Wooster (whose daily speech has been extensively reported by P. G. Wodehouse) often uses "ripe" as a synonym of "fine", eg.:

    “A ripe suggestion,” I said.
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    "It stands to reason that what the photog saw had to be something pretty ripe."
    Jeeves and the Blessed Indiscretion
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