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    I got this question from, which to me is a great translation practice place.

    I hope we could work out better Chinese for a similar manner.

    English orignal:
    But they spent all their leisure visiting neighbouring farms and stealing potatoes, which they hoarded. Rockefeller, who in his infancy had experienced great poverty, spent his adult life in a similar manner.

    Chinese translation:

    OP chose frugal habit, a round-about way to translate a smiliar manner.

    My option would be 所以他以类似的方式度过了他的成年时光。

    what's your opinions please my nickname is dingdingdang on yeeyan and you may have a look at what comment I made under that piece of translation. 6TH paragraph beginning with acquicitiveness.
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    Hello LAMB. I will comment only on the English text.
    Grammatically, it's unclear what "similar manner" is referring to. There seem to be three possiblities for how Rockefeller spent his adult life.

    He continued to spend his leisure time stealing potatoes from farms.
    He continued to hoard things (an indication of frugality).
    He continued to experience poverty.

    Okay, by common sense, it's obviously the second one.
    But the author's two subordinate clauses ("which ... who ...") are confusing and this may be why the Chinese translator included 节俭.

    In Chinese is it clear what your 类似 refers to?
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    I agree with GamblingCamel, using 类似 generalizes the translation and unless you understand the details of Rockefeller's life, the reader will interpret what is "similar" based on their own cultural perspective and based on any of those possibilities that GamblingCamel listed including the wrong one. The translator wanted to be clear to what exactly that was.

    节俭 is a very good translation because that's exactly the type of person Rockefeller was in his adult life - he did his best not to waste; a lesson learned from his days in poverty.

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