In a vacuum

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Cantonese, Hong Kong
"In a vacuum" means "in isolation from the normal context." Can I use it to mean a movie "on its own", "without comparing it to others in the series? For example:

"I personally much prefer The Dark Knight (TDK) to Batman Forever (BF). In a vacuum, BF is fine. But after watching TDK, everytime I rewatch BF , it looks cartoonish and over-the-top. I just wish it was less comical and more dark as in TDK."

I am trying to say that BF is fine on its own if no other factors come into play like watching the far superior ones in the series.
  • jmichaelm

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    I think most native speakers would understand what you mean, but I would say it more explicitly as that will be clearer. There are several options I can think of: "on it's own" "by itself" "in isolation".
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