...in a way which love rarely is

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    "Because need is revealed, exposed, absolute, in a way which love but rarely is" (This could also be said in English "in a way that love rarely is")

    Here are my attemps:

    "dans une manière que n’est-il guère l’amour."
    "de facon que n'est-il guere l'amour."

    Does either of these sound okay or is there a more natural way to say it?

    Thanks :)
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    This could be translated as "D'une façon dont l'amour l'est rarement.", but this sounds a bit unnatural to me, though perfectly correct - from a strictly grammatical point of view.
  3. CSB2808 Senior Member

    Okay cool...it sounds a bit unnatural in English as well to be honest..
  4. archijacq Senior Member

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    comme c'est rarement le cas pour l'amour

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