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Hello, everyone!
In Chicago PD, episode #806, the policemen are talking of a young drug dealing gangster. They say: "Travis Laroc, eighteen. In and out of the system."
What do they mean by that? Do they mean correctional system. i.e. that the boy has been imprisoned several times? Or do they mean foster care system which could be more likely for an 18 year old? Unfortunately, there is not more context, he is an unimportant character in the episode.
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    Maybe a combination of both.

    There is a juvenile justice branch of the correctional system. It has different rules but it's still part of the justice system.


    After re-reading it, I think it's likely a reference to the juvenile justice system. It doesn't mean he was imprisoned in a jail but it does mean he was under the supervision of the court system at various points and was likely guilty of some sort of at least minor crimes. There are places they can send minors that aren't jails, if necessary.
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