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    Chinese (Mandarin)
    What does "in any real way" mean in the following paragraph ? Could anybody explain or reword it ? Thanks in advance.



    Yes, Mandarin is my native language. Mandarlin is misspelled.
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    Would you please give us the source of this text? (Plus a link, if possible.)

    P.S.: You give your native language as "Mandarlin". Did you mean Mandarin?
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    i think it means the same thing when you say in any real way,
  4. EStjarn

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    A simplified version of the topic sentence is:

    The final eight glyphs are the only ones that deal with the future date in any real way.

    Though grammatically correct, I don't think it expresses by itself what the professor, who was interviewed, meant. The topic phrase has to be understood in context. I believe it's referring back to something she's said previously:
    It seems the professor is implying that the grass-roots spiritual movements thought that more glyphs than the final eight dealt with the future date, 2012.

    In other words, 'in any real way' correlates with 'actually'. To paraphrase:

    The final eight glyphs are the only ones that actually say something about the future date.
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