in / at the beginning


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please, which preposition is better in this sentence?

"In / At he beginning of the film I liked it very much."

Personally, I think it would be better to say
"In the beginning I liked the film very much." but what would be in the original sentence?

Thank you
  • GreenWhiteBlue

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    If you are watching the film, and like it during the first minutes (although your opinion may change), you would say "At the beginning of the film I liked it very much."

    If you are speaking of a character in the film, you may use either "at" or "in", depending on the sentence:

    At the beginning of Gone with the Wind, Scarlett has not yet met Rhett Butler.

    In the beginning scenes of North by Northwest, we see Cary Grant getting ever more entangled with a group of spies.
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