in/bei der Praxis

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- Sie arbeitet in der Praxis von Dr. Steinig.

Could ‘in’ be replaced by ‘bei’ here? I learned in class today that ‘bei’ is used when the name of the company/establishment that a person works at is specified. That seems to be the case in this sentence (from a grammar worksheet). So why ‘in der Praxis’ and not ‘bei der Praxis’? Is it just something that needs to be memorised?
  • Lhost Vokus

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    "Praxis von Dr. Steinig" isn't the name of a company/an establishment. If Dr. Steinigs practice had an name of its own, for example "MediTech", you can say: "Ich arbeite bei MediTech."

    "Ich arbeite bei Bosch": "Bosch" is the name of the company.
    "Ich arbeite in der Fabrik von Bosch": "Fabrik" is only the place, owning Mrs. Bosch or the Bosch-company.
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