In bikini, With a bikini on, on bikini?


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Hello amigos!

  1. Sue is so sexy with a bikini on.
  2. Sue is so sexy in bikini.
  3. This bikini is so sexy on Sue.
  4. Sue is so sexy on bikini.
Could anyone tick the sentence(s) which is(are) the most correct or the most idiomatic one (s)?

Thanks in advance,

  • sweetpotatoboy

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    Both 1 and 3 are possible in English, though they mean different things. (1 is saying that Sue is sexy, 3 is saying that the bikini is sexy. And therefore 1 seems more likely.)

    The other sentences are not possible in English.


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    Oh you're no fun, which ones do you think are right?

    I think the most common way would be "She is so sexy in a bikini."
    1) is understandable but sort of awkward, and 3) is okay if you're sexually attracted to bathing suits.
    4) is just weird.

    Matching Mole

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    The first is OK. 3) is also fine, but changes the subject to "this bikini", so it's not the same as the others. 4) is absolutely wrong (you cannot use "on" in this way with regard to clothing, but you can say "with a bikini on". "On" here means "on her body"). What you have missed is the article "a": "Sue is so sexy in a bikini". If the clothing item is singular we use the article, and bikini is singular. Shorts, for example, is plural, so we could say: "Sue is so sexy in shorts".


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    If the bikini fell off and she stood or sat on it, perhaps Sue could then be sexy on a bikini. Otherwise, yes, 1) or 3) are fine, and 2) would be correct as well as perhaps the most natural if we added a (in a bikini).


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    She could be looking sexy with a bikini on, while on Bikini Island, in the Bikini Atoll.
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