in bulk


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In a letter by Charles Darwin to J. D. Hooker, telling him about the abstract in which he was supposed to summarize his theory on natural selection, he said:

... but, as you allude to its previous publication, I may say that I have the chapters on Instinct and Hybridism to abstract, which may take a fortnight each ; and my materials for Palaeontology, Geographical Distribution, and Affinities, being less worked up, I dare say each of these will take me three weeks, so that I shall not have done
at soonest till April, and then my Abstract will in bulk make a small volume. I never give more than one or two instances, and I pass over briefly all difficulties, and yet I cannot make my Abstract shorter, to be satisfactory, than I am now doing, and yet it will expand to a small volume.

As far as I understand he was telling him that inspite of trying to be brief the abstract would run to be a small volume, but then what did he mean by "in bulk"?
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