in calm retrospect

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As we have noted, in addition to the sphere of religion, the history of (ethno)nationalism in Europe and elsewhere is marked by figures whose apparition, in calm retrospect, bears the signs of a certain craziness.

On Hitler's Mein Kampf, Albrecht Koschorke


I know the meaning of 'in retrospect', but am wondering what the adjective 'calm' add to the meaning of it.
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    "In retrospect," to suggest "further reflection and consideration," commonly connotes cooler and more objective thought. I would imagine that "calm" is supposed to underscore that.

    To the average reader, "calm retrospect" may sound redundant, thus, and possibly stiff or overly elaborate.

    The translation of this text, honestly, could have done with some moderate editing. I could cite several parts of this excerpt that would benefit from such. For example, "craziness" is tonally out of place in a text that uses ten-dollar words like "apparition."
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