in case/until/since we don't receive...


Hi guys,
I'm trying to find the best and more formal way to tell to a client that has to pay an invoice..from a long time. This sentence should be formal but at the same time very efficent!

ex: this is to inform you that Until (or since?) we don't receive the payment of the invoice ## all activities with you will be stopped, including quotation and comunications...

This is the purpose, do you have any suggestion ?

  • miss sparkles

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    This is to inform you that since we have not received payment of invoice ##, all activities with you will be stopped, including quotation and communications.

    Unless you want to say: This is to inform you that until we receive payment of invoice ##, all activities...

    They mean different things. Can you explain a little bit more about what you want to say?


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    First of all, the thread title doesn't seem to match the question.

    I would say: "We are unable to conduct further business with you until we receive payment for invoice ##"

    As a side note, you don't want to say you won't have any more communications, since that implies you won't remind them to pay up.


    Just to clarify:

    The purpose of this letter is to receive the payment from the client.
    The problem is that until I don't receive the payment, all the activities will be stopped.


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    Unfortunately, we are unable to process any future orders (or "your order" if one is pending) until your account is brought up to date...

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