In case you're interested (singular or plural pronoun)

auno trovago

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Greeting foreros.
I want to send a text message to a distribution (students in my ESL class). The message will go to about 20 people but each is an individual recipient. [DSP: I'm obviously not a very good teacher since I need to send the message in both English and Spanish!] In English, I will say, "In case you're interested..." which is ambiguous as to singular or plural. In Spanish, would I say, "Por si le interesa..." or "Por si les interesa"? Or something else entirely.
  • S.V.

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    You could go with a possessive, which is also ambiguous in Spanish: Si es de su interés...

    Otherwise, you're right that you would have to choose. Either one works, though les is for both formal & informal. My choice.
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