In caso di rinuncia volontaria al mandato

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    In caso di rinuncia volontaria al mandato

    I think this means in the event that the particular individual leaves voluntarily. Any thoughts please?
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    It depends on the context. It certainly means that you give something up of your own free will, i.e. you are not obliged by someone/something to do it, but in this case you're talking about a mandate (and you can't voluntarily "leave" mandates, can you?:D).
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    You understand it correctly - a 'mandato' in this context is a contract between a principal and a professional.

    Dare mandato ad un architetto, ad un geometra ecc ecc per... = to hire an architect, a GC etc. to perform certain tasks.

    The professional can walk away from it, and probably here they are laying out the clauses of termination.
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    Rinuncia volontaria al mandato: articles 1703 and followings italian civil code.
    With a "mandato" you give someone the power to represent you and perform legal acts on your behalf.
    So, better than an architect or "geometra", this term "mandato" refers more to an attorney, a politician, a commercial agent...and, of course, any attorney can "rinunciare al mandato"!!!

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