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Situation ....
At the time of transferring files to another section in my office some files were missing. A particular file pertaining to Natural Calamity Fund was also missing.

At the time when the file transfer was taken place related to the work arrangements in the office for changing duties and functions of two sections these files were found missing.

Can I communicate this information in the following way
The file pertaining to Natural Calamity Fund during the year 2008/09 was missing while transferring the same from this sectoon to finance section in connection with change of duties and work arrangements .
I would like to know that the usage of "while and in connection with ' are correct here
  • powerhousebridge

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    After making some changes in the original version I resubmit the thread for your remarks

    The file pertaining to the Natural Calamity Fund was missing when it's transferred from this section to the Finance section in connection with change of duties and work arrangements.


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    Yes, the sentence is better because it feels less like "information overload". But there are still some problems.

    "The file was missing when it was transferred..." :confused: How can a missing file get transferred? Or do you want to say that this file was temporarily lost or misplaced during this transfer?
    Additionally, I don't quite understand why and how the reason for this transfer, i.e. change of duties ++, is in any way pertinent to the fact that the file was missing!? Of course, extended context may make this bit of information important, but without it, this extra info distracts and confuses.


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    I think an American would say "the file went missing while being transferred ..." That's not very formal, however. Perhaps, "the file was lost while being transferred ..." I think the progressive particle, being, is very important because you're describing a process, even if it only took a few seconds to press "send".

    I suppose section is idiomatic. Probably department would be more traditional.
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