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He said, in a smart alecky way, 'I lost the ability to talk and to walk, and if all you have to do is make an adjustment on your fastball, get your [butt] out there and make an adjustment.' It kind of hit home, just in corresponding with him. When you're struggling, you make a lot out of nothing sometimes and you tend to not really focus on what you need to focus on. I said last start I need to make adjustments. We did that.

I dont sort of feel the meaning here, help ps....''''''?????
  • cuchuflete

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    Hi Rich,
    I'm perplexed. Normally "in corresponding with him." would indicate a written correspondence, an exchange of letters or emails. Here, that is not clearly what is going on. It may be.

    This could either be bad writing, or further context would be needed to decipher it.


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    corresponding with him = communicating with him

    Based on the sentences, English is not the speakers first language or else they just do not speak well. It is hard to follow.


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    I too can only presume that the person meant "communicating" - it is a strange way to talk of spoken communication. Correspondence is normally written.