In de buurt / In de omgeving

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Hi all,

I am not sure about the different between In de buurt and In de omgeving, are they interchangeable synonyms or are they used in different contexts?

I am trying to translate the word Nearby and I'm not sure which of the 2 I should use to refer to weather stations that are close the location of the user of a mobile app.

Thank you!
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    Dutch - Belgium
    It is nearby / close to the station. = Het is in dichtbij (in de buurt van) het station.

    It is nearby. = Het is dichtbij / in de buurt.

    I would translate "in de omgeving" as "in the vicinity" rather than "nearby".


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    Belgium, Dutch
    "Buurt": literally "neighbourhood", but perhaps you knew that. In my view there is hardly a distinction. The former sounds more informal, and might be more common in the Netherlands, the latter sounds more formal, and seems more Flemish.
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