In defense of what you´ll read


I would like to know if this sentence makes any sense to you. The last sentence, tries to be funny, but translated into english, i don,t know if it makes any sense.

"in defense of what you will read in consecutive pages, it,s proved (with the BBC cassettes and with my school years) that even if I had passed through the process of learning this language, this hadn,t passed through me."

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    If you did pass through the process, you would write "even if I have passed." I can guess at the joke, but I'm afraid that the translation is less than clear and will likely not be funny without very significant rewriting.

    Also, I would write "in the following pages."


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    In conjunction with bibliolept's suggestion, you would write "this hasn't passed through me".

    I assume that you realize that "pass through me" is likely to be understood to mean that the language passed through you in the way food passes through the body and is eliminated. Whether this is appropriate to the context only you know.

    However, if that is not what you had in mind, you will need to find another way of saying this.
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