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    I am working with a colleague on a website in English, which we will be mirroring in French. The website includes information on a range of themes related to human rights. For some of them, we only have a bit of information. Some are the subject of major portals, with a wide variety of pages. We are calling those portals "Big issues" in English and "Thèmes majeurs" in French.

    Similar to the major portals, but smaller and somewhat briefer, we have what we are calling "In-depth areas" in English. For "in-depth" we have thought of "détaillé" or "approfondi" in French. We are fairly stumped for "areas", though. (If we had more space in English, we might call them "issue areas", if that helps.) We've thought of "Domaines" for "areas" (so "Domaines détaillés") but aren't sure if that's best.

    I should add that elsewhere on the homepage:
    1. We also have a section of our library with topics that each have a collection of materials in them, which is separate from the "Big issues" or the "In-depth areas"; in French, we refer to the link to those "topics" as "sujets" -- so we'd like to avoid using "sujets" for "areas".
    2. We have a link to specific cases, and responses to allegations; we translate "Recent cases & responses" on the English homepage as "Affaires récentes et réponses", so we'd like to avoid "affaires" as well for "areas" (although I don't think that would work for "areas" in any case).

    Merci d'avance!
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    Hello RegOignon,

    Of course, "domaines" and "affaires" would be totally fine in meaning but you are right, they do not sound as good for a section title shown in a website homepage.
    I would just go for "En détails..." or "Regard détaillé sur...", "Plongée sur...", "A la loupe...", "Zoom sur...". These sound like invitations to the reader, and are current titles, for example in newspapers.

    I hope this helps,
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    Merci Baphen!

    That does help -- we really like "A la loupe"! "Plongée sur..." would be great if we had the object of the preposition there too, but we don't.
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    Actually this is a good way (and more mysterious, less boring, I would say) to avoid mentioning any object. You can google "Zoom sur" and you will find loads of examples with nothing before or after. Trust me, people would not find it strange that there is no object. However it implies that several topics are discussed in the section, is it the case? If you like "A la loupe" and want to be more specific, you can say "sujets à la loupe" or "affaires à la loupe". I understood you wanted to find other words but I can't think of any that would work there (maybe "thèmes" if it refers to general topics rather than specific affairs). I will let other people help you now!

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