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    Dear friends,
    I am translating a legal text from Spanish into English and I need to know what " in dubio pro agricultor y el ciclo agrario" means, following is the whole sentence:
    "Los contratos agrarios (que involucren actividades agrarias y/o ganaderas) son muy particulares, tienen su legislación aparte, tribunales aparte, etc, y se rigen principalmente por don Principios: in dubio pro agricultor y el ciclo agrario."

    Thank you very much for your help!!!

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    In different areas of law there is a presumptions in favor of one part. For example, "in dubio pro reo" means that in case of doubt -different interpretation of a law-, judge must make the decision according the interpretation that favors the accused. In laboral law there is "in dubio pro operario" that favors the worker. So, in this case "indubio pro agricultor" must be that in case of doubt, you must chose the interpretation of the law or contract that favors the farmer.
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    Thank you very much!!!!
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    en inglés, esto se llama "the benefit of the doubt is in favor of"
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    Ok that is great! Txs a lot!!!!

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